Fun in Maine

Chuck Norris wouldn't even do that.

During this trip I discovered that my future wife has a sick fascination with corn.

More corn.

It's six am damn it. Go to sleep!

Naked birds! I think during the entire trip this was Amy's happiest moment.

Just hanging around...

No stinky Germ Boy around I can take a breath of fresh air.

Amy:What you doing?
Matt:Carving sticks.
Matt:So poisonus fish don't kill us.
Matt:Well poisonus fish can kill you faster than a bullet.
Amy:Does it work?
Matt: Have you been bitten by one since you met me?
Matt:So it works.
Amy:Can you make one for my Mom?

No gov't is going to tap into my head to find out where I'm going.

I swear officer I haven't been drinking.

Take #1 (shown): Goofing on the bridge
Take #2 (not shown): Picking up our backpacks from the creek.

He is just a pawn in the natures game of chess. Rook to G4.

Make a hole. I'm comming in!

Silly goose. Polaks can't fly.


Punishment at the camp site.

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