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Saving Mitch - Medic X first rescue


Mitch - patient and senior drill instructor
Morti - senior drill instructor and Coca-Cola promoter
Mike "shock'em till they light up" Brutalsky - ALS crew
Todd - ALS crew
Kevin - BLS crew
Marina - BLS crew

So the call came in as a blind man in trouble in the basement of a building. Upon arrival BLS crew found a man sitting in his chair complaining of chest pain and indigestion (his wife dropped of food for him few minutes before onset).

Mitch the Patient - General impression: He is wearing shades and keeping it real! Fo' sure!

BLS crew jumped right in (please note 1/2 BSI precautions that Marina took)

When Keving bend over to pick a penny he must have loosened up because our patient became dizzy

And needed to be oxygenated

In order to bring patient back to his senses Kevin placed a well measured kick to the groin (works better than the chest rub)

Close up of that kick (pay attention to effectivness: sneaker lighted up)

It was too much for Mitch and he called in for a stunt patient. Please note Marina's perfect execution of old BLS saying "there is no site seeing in PCR"

And Kevin is ready... One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi... Go long!

Finaly medics to the rescue! (Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers)

Quick look at the heart from the top confirmed their worst fears...

There is Elivs stuck in there slowly eating away on the MI tissue

Kevin is doing a "thinker" pose (did I leave the iron on?)

Marina performing the chest massage

Mike trying to decide between 14 or 16 gauge

Line in, fludis running thru...

Morty was called as a supervisor as well as to promote Coca-Cola products

Mike doing what he does best...

The expression that you never want to see on the face of the medic...

I think the machine is broken... We get all this lines... We need to get this fixed and get a straight line...

I'm from Chicago! I love the Bears and The Cubs!

Real medic can do the code with thumbs up their nose.

Doc giving thumbs up!

Mitch giving thumbs down.

This defibliration was brought to you by Morty and Coca-Cola... Because there is nothing that beats good jolt of sugar! Also Morty is not human he has remote control and wires attached to his leg.

Ok guys he is dead!

Can I shock him again please?

Let's go eat!

Thank you Morty and Mitch for letting me photograph the "call".