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   Speak up! Graduation is right around the corner and we've been working hard on our class patch. Take a look here at couple of designs and let me know what you think.

   That's right... We are Medic X, the biggest, the meanest soon-to-be paramedics. Over the next few pages you can meet us and some of our instructors. You can see how professional we can be while performing our skills. Occasional goofiness should be justified by total lack of sleep due to work load imposed upon us. Our class started in January 2004 and we are scheduled to be done by late December 2004. We started with 19 people and now after midterm all is left is happy bakers dozen. Currently our topic is cardiology which is bread and butter of paramedics. Please use dates/link section for important events and links to sites of interests.

Suggestions, ideas for links or important dates are always welcomed so please send me an email.

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